Procedures and Fees

Our Process

We pride ourselves on providing a unique approach to each dog that we encounter. Our procedures are flexible and adaptable to all kinds of different scenarios and our team uses them as guidelines to ensure proper care of each dog. Every dog that is a candidate for rescue follows the following procedural flow.

  1. Evaluation: Our resident trainer and behavioral specialist, along with his team, conduct a full assessment of each potential rescue dog as part of our screening process. This evaluation determines their physical and behavioral attributes and outlines a rehabilitation plan accordingly.
  2. Initial welcome: As soon as the dog is approved after the evaluation; they are brought to our facility and integrated into our organization. Our veterinarian partner evaluates, vaccinates and treats every dog as necessary. Each dog is bathed, fed and introduced to their living quarters. We give them the time to settle in for a period of 3 days before their training and rehabilitation program begins.
  3. Rehabilitation: Depending on what is discovered during the evaluation; the team puts together a rehabilitation program. Our rehab programs consist of balanced training and covers behavioral characteristics i.e.: resource guarding, fearful aggression and/or anxiety as well as healthcare aspects such as weight gain/loss, infection treatment and grooming.
  4. Basic training: Coinciding with the rehabilitation program, we work with each dog to provide instruction of basic commands and on-leash comportment such as: heel, come, sit, place and stay.
  5. Profile: Once the dog has passed its rehabilitation and basic training, a profile is created and posted for each dog on our Facebook page, PetFinder and Website to provide a full description and behavioral assessment when it is ready to be adopted.
  6. Adoption: In order to ensure a compatible match, adoption candidates go through a series of screening processes. They include an application form, an in-person interview and a home check (if deemed necessary). Once they receive approval from our team, they can then meet the available dogs in a controlled environment. The purpose of this procedure is to match the right dog with the right owner under the right conditions and lifestyle.
  7. Owner and dog team training: Included in the adoption fees are Two (2) highly encouraged group training classes at Seirios K9 academy to solidify the bond between the dog and adoptive owner. The classes cover basic dog care, training and behavioral aspects.
  8. Follow up: Our team conducts follow ups with the adoptive families and the dogs through phone and/or email at regular intervals for the first 6 months. We follow up at 1 week, 1 month and 3 months and then a final check in at 6 months to ensure compatibility between owner and dog.

Our Fees

Adoption fees: Our adoptions fees have a scale depending on the age of the dog. All dogs over 10 years old are adopted at a lower rate to encourage and facilitate placement with adoption families. Included in the adoption fees are 2 group training classes at Seirios K9 dog training academy. Fee schedule is as follows;

-Dogs under 2 years of age = $675.00 adoption fee

-Dogs 2-10 = $550.00 adoption fee

-Dogs 10+ = $425.00 adoption fee

All adoptions include initial vet costs, vaccinations, sterilization and microchip.